Commission work

A few times a year I will take on new commissions, working in my current style and colour palette.

How the process works

Pricing for a few typical sizes:

60x 90cm - 1900
90 x 90 cm - 2200
90 x 120 cm - 2900
120 x 150 cm - 3200
120 x 180 cm - 3900

*Prices are in EUR and do not include tax or shipping costs.*

There will be a 50% deposit upfront for all commission clients. I will work with the client on creating a visual document incorporating the colors they have in mind as well as any previous work they like for reference. Remember, no two pieces are alike and for every commission, you are receiving a one-of-a-kind Hanna Oberkersch piece. 

You can expect a 4-month turnaround once we have discussed what you have in mind. Let's have a call!  

If you are interested in commissions, collaborations or purchasing artwork - please email: